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I Am Looking Real Dating Lucky leap day?

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Lucky leap day?

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It comes once every 4 years lucky leap day? there are 29 days in the calender in February, which otherwise has only 28 days. Though most of them were started in ancient times and are now redundant, they still do exist! Now, seriously!

It lucky leap day? be one rare occurrence but that does not make it lucky! And while we have one set of people lauding 29th February as lucky, the other half curses it and says it is unlucky!

So then, how does it become unlucky? There are many countries in the world which frown upon getting married on a leap day.

In Greece, the entire leap year is considered bad for marriage! In cases of divorce, it is believed that if you get divorced on a leap day, you will never find happiness in love even after divorce! The most idiotic superstitions that people fall lucky leap day? ].

Some regions like Scotland believe that no farming activity should be carried out on a ,ucky year — that means no harvesting, sowing or buying new equipments. Lucky leap day? just spells a bad year for the entire crop if sowed or harvested or tilled first on a leap day.

I mean, no one is exactly immortal… So yeah, the increased number of deaths if not fictional could be because of one lcuky extra day.

Reason enough for deaths to increase!

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